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Logo as part of the trade dress, in use since issue 12 (Dec. 2016)

Mad Music For Bad People is an independent music magazine for Rockabilly, Psychobilly, Rock 'n' Roll, Blues and more from Sheffield, UK.

The magazine is published 10 to 12 times a year, consists of 50 to 60 fully coloured pages and is available via subscription, through their website, or from a variety of mail order companies that specialise in rockabilly music and clothing.


  • Creator: Chip Waite
  • Publisher: Chip Waite
  • Editor: Chip Waite
  • Graphic & Design: Chip Waite
  • Contributors: Mouse, The O'Prez, Morgyn Williams, Darren Ross, Craig Brackenridge, Lee Powell, Vince Ray, Vincent Daemon, Little Joe, and many more.


No. Date Content
1 September 2015 Mad Art For Bad People, Celluloid Trash: Rock All Night, Teddy Boy International, Hey DJ!: Krazy Kat Daddy, The Guitaraculas, Devil Doll, The Bellfuries, Darrel Higham, Tim Polecat, The Sharks.
2 Oktober 2015 Furious, Ray Condo, The Boston Rats, Celluloid Trash: Deuce Coupe, Hey DJ!: Texas Hellkitten, The Lincolns, The Terrorsaurs, The Space Cadets, Mark Harman, Record reviews
3 November 2015 Vince Ray, The Groove Diggers, The Sine Waves, Race With The Devil, El Camino, Harry Violet & The Sharks, DJ Glenn "The G Man" Blake, Keith Turner Tribute, Celluloid Trash, pictures from Hemsby 55, Christmas Goodies and more
4 December 2015 Ginger Meadham, The Go Go Cult, Missy Malone, Diablo Records, Clockwork Psycho, Jacen & Alison Bruce, Scarlet Dawn DJ
5 February 2016 Fur Dixon ,Vince Ray, Al Redbeard, Celluloid Trash: Catalina Caper, The Hillmans, The Superkings, The Kings Of Hong Kong DJ, Harley Wolf of The Knif Files, A Brief History Of The Cramps, Record reviews
6 March 2016 Frenzy, Ricky Lee Brawn, The Caezars, Western Star Recording Company, Demon Vendetta, Reverend Horton Heat, Beat-Man, Record reviews, pictures from Bedlam Breakout 21
7 April 2016 The Quakes, The Retarded Rats, Sharna-Mae & The Mayhems, The Long Tall Texans, The Art of Chris Sick, The Blue Cats vs. Beltane Fire, Glenn "G-Man" Blake's 63 Ford Rancero "Poison Ivy", Celluloid Trash: These are the Damned & Some People
8 June 2016 The Terrorsaurs, Deke Dickerson, The Sharptones, The Spacewasters, Silvertooth Loos & The Witch, The art of Nano Barbero, Photoshoot at the Smoggers Car Club, pictures from Hemsby 56, DJ Billy Brookes aka Morris The Minor
9 August 2016 The Delta Bombers, The Jack O' Bones, Howlin' Bones, Bloodshot Bill, Raucous Records, Danny Dare, Billie B. and her Buick Combination
10 September 2016 CorrupTed, Gutter Demons, Banane Metalik, Little Lesley & The Bloodshots, The Cavemen, Mr. Ducktail, The Phantom Cowboys, pictures from Hot Rod Hayride
11 November 2016 Slim Jim Phantom, Hillbilly Moon Explosion, Epileptic Hillbillys, Prison Of Blues, Sarah Vista, Emma Goss, Julian Lewis: On Band patches, Stepping Stones To Psychobilly
12 December 2016 Barrence Whitfield, Norm & The Nightmarez, Donna Dunne & The Mystery Men, Dave Phillips, The rise, fall and rise again of western swing, Stepping Stones To Psychobilly: Pat Boone and The Phantom,record reviews
13 February 2017 Paddlecell, The Devils, Bastard Sons Of Cavan, Empress Of Fur, The Customs, Sonny West
14 April 2017 Batmobile, The Guana Batz, Vicky Tafoya (The Big Beat and Vicky and The Vengents), Lord Herbert Sarongster III (Rochee and The Sarnos, The Bullets and Devils Deuce), photos from Bedlam Breakout
15 May 2017 Crystal & Runnin' Wild, Labretta Suede & the Motel 6, Delta 88, Mojokings, Kev King: Christianity and psychobilly, Hey DJ!: MZ Siren, Stepping Stones To Psychobilly: The Misfits
16 July 2017 Bob Wayne, The Highliners, The Surfin' Wombatz, The Retrobaits, The Deathcaps, Viva Las Vegas, Alan Wilson on 10 inch vinyl, Julie of Big Girl's Blouse about quality retro clothing, Wild Records, photos from the Western Star Rockin' Round-Up, reviews, DJ charts
17 September 2017 The Accidents, Raygun Cowboys, The Razerbills, The Spunyboys, Stage Frite, Numbskulls, The Scarecrows, Ginger Meadham about his Psychobilly Kicks Back cancer charity, reviews, The Lowdown Report
18 November 2017 John Lewis, Death Valley Surfers, The Radiacs, Kev Saunders on Frenzy, Jonny Barber, The Living Deads, Tod Browning's Freaks 75th Anniversary, The Lowdown Report, reviews
19 March 2018 The Nevrotix, The Test Pilots, The Teenage Zombies, The Hangmen, The Rattlers, Fat & Furious, Jack Rabbit Slim, Retrashade, The Black Angels, Psychobilly Kicks Back at The Fiddlers Elbow
20 July 2018 Dylan Kirk, The Klingonz, The Gruffs, The Snakerattlers, Sultans Of Jungle, Skinner’s Art, The world of Tea & Fig Rolls promotions, 15 years of Western Star studio
21 October 2018 Stepping Stones To Psychobilly: Link Wray, Sarah Vista, The Dukes Of Bordello, Wayne Beauchamp, Kim Kix (The Godless Wicked Creeps, Powersolo), X Ray Cat Trio, Roddy Radiation, reviews, the Lowdown report

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