Local Vocals: Your Guide to Kick-Ass Karaoke

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Local Vocals: Your Guide to Kick-Ass Karaoke
July 2017

Local Vocals: Your Guide to Kick-Ass Karaoke is a one-issue topic zine created by Kari Tervo. It was published in California, U.S.A. in July 2017. It is 20 black-and-white digest-sized pages with a bright green cover.

Local Vocals is a karaoke how-to manual. Your host Kari-oke instructs the reader regarding karaoke dos and don'ts, how to pick a karaoke song, karaoke etiquette, and tips on a great karaoke performance. Types of karaoke singers and karaoke audience members are discussed in tongue-in-cheek descriptions, the pros and cons of bar karaoke vs. private karaoke are delineated, and ways to make your karaoke performance really stand out are revealed.


In September 2017, Nathan Penlington of Syndicated Zine Reviews wrote about Local Vocals, "If you're a karaoke regular, novice, or virgin, you'll get something of value from this fun, well observed, practical, and nicely produced zine."


Baltimore: Atomic Books

Distro: Antiquated Future

Etsy: Sweet Mayhem Zinery


  • beehat2013@gmail.com.
  • Kari Tervo, P.O. Box 7831, Beverly Hills, CA 90212

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