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Kozak Mamay Zine is a Swiss-Ukrainian artzine started by an anonymous author in 2009 from Zurich, Switzerland.


Origin: based on very popular numerous and mostly anonymous folk paintings from the late 17th century to the present time about the Ukrainian folkloric hero Kozak Mamay (synonyms: Cossack Mamay, Cossack Mamai, Kozak Mamai, Козак Мамай), which is relaxed and immersed into the modern world.

Form: numbered miniature drawings with text, as a rule, in Ukrainian and English. Each drawing's number links to the keywords and a short explanation if appropriate. Some drawings are discreetly animated or have audio, or show hints by mouse hovering.

Along with the web publishing, these zine drawings are printed on a high precision printer as high definition miniatures (6.77 x 5.08 cm) and distributed very rarely within a narrow audience in Zurich (CH) and Kyiv (UA).

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