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Jeff Junker a.k.a. Jeff Logan O'connor is a writer, artist, and zine editor based in the U.S.A.

Jeff Junker a.k.a. Jeff Logan O'connor has released a number of one shot zines. His first publication was TxRx, as reported on in issue three of Abrupt Lane Edge, followed by Gutterfag, released in the early 1990's in Calafornia State. Gutterfag was a cut and paste queer punk zine featuring bands like Warpath, but at the same time a very personal statement about overcoming adversity. Belligerence was a punk zine focusing on sex, punks and getting drunk. Golog: rebel nomad was released in the 2000's, a further refining of Junker's ideas.

Jeff Junker has been active in the queer zine community and has contributed to a number of zines, including Kweer Corps International.



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