It's Your Fucking Body

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It's Your Fucking Body is a political zine written by Marie A., published in Meadville, PA.

This illustrated half-sized zine addresses the women's hygiene industry, embracing menstruation, explaining ovulation, the effects of tampons and disposable pads on women's bodies and on the environment. It suggests alternative products. An addendum to presumably the first issue acknowledges that "not all women menstruate" and "not just women menstruate." It provides internet resources, early 20th century fashion drawings, and a coloring book. The zine is completely typewritten and cut and paste. Issue #2 is titled Reclaim Your Cunt.

Stina of (her) RIOT distro cited It's Your Fucking Body as an inspiration for her own work in a 2002 interview.

The author formerly published the perzine Miasma.

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