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Hudson Luce was a zine fan and publisher from Cincinnati, OH. He published exactly one issue of the review zine Factsheet Five.

When Mike Gunderloy became overwhelmed with publishing Factsheet Five in 1992, Hudson Luce stepped forward and promised to bring the zine back to life. Luce had no publishing experience, but was a longtime fan of zines, and felt, in true DIY spirit, that he could keep the small publishing legend alive. Just putting out one issue, #45, overwhelmed Luce. Not only the amount of zines and work involved, but he was also the target of a lot of criticism from the zine community that had a hard time dealing with Gunderloy's retirement and the change in style of F5. Hudson bailed as Factsheet Five #45 hit the streets and mailed ten boxes of zines for review to Jerod Pore for the short-lived electronic version of Factsheet Five.

Today Hudson Luce is a lawyer and has nothing to do with zines or publishing.