Harbinger (Andrus)

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Issue 2 Spring 1976
Cover art by Rick McCallum

Harbinger is a science fiction fanzine edited by Reed Andrus, and published by Ree-Lue Press.

Published in Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S.A., Harbinger appeared in the 1970s.

Six issues were released; the first issue appeared in Winter 1975.

Issue 2 followed in Spring 1976. It featured front cover art by Rick McCallum.

Issue #3 appeared in Summer 1976; #4 in Fall 1976.

Issue 5 was published in Fall 1977. Front cover art work was by Bruce Townley (Oblong). It included the article "The Practical Joke War" by Don D'Ammassa (Mythologies), later reprinted in Beam #11 of March 2017; a memorial for Edmond Hamilton by E. Hoffman Price, as well as writing by Jerry Connall, Mae Strelkov, and Paul Walker.

Issue #6, released in 1978, was the final issue.

After Harbinger, Reed Andrus published the title The Bull of the Seven Battles. Andrus was also one of the co-editors of Laughing Osiris.