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Girl’s Own Fanzine was a zine created by Susan Smith-Clarke.

Girl's Own Fanzine was published in Normanhurst, N.S.W., Australia. Three issues were released in 1973. Issue 3 was a split zine with Ron Clarke's The Mentor.

Girl's Own Fanzine was considered a feminist fanzine, with many female SF fans contributing.

Contributors also included John Bangsund (Scythrop).

In their review of October 1973, Checkpoint #42 says, "Once again, the title points to the content and this Aussie fanzine is devoted to feminist fans, this issue being concerned with Women's Lib. The latter subject is, dare I say, rather tedious; but Gough does have an excellent letter column which makes the whole package well worth acquiring -- yes, even if you're a bloke."

Susan Clarke Smith co-edited Ark with Ron Clarke, and Beyond Antares with Joanne Keating; and published Chronicles, and Forerunner Quarterly, and is regarded as one of the 'founding mothers of media SF fandom in Australia'.

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