From the Notebook of Sarah Jane

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From the Notebook of Sarah Jane is a media science fiction fanzine by Rie Sheridan and Rie Meyer.

Devoted to the television series Doctor Who, this title is specifically interested in one of Doctor Who's companions, Sarah Jane Smith, as played by Elisabeth Sladen.

The first issue was published in Austin, Texas, U.S.A., 1983. It includes essays, articles, filks and poems and features contributions from Rie Sheridan and Susan M. Garrett (Time Winds).

Issue 2 also appeared in 1983, and featured cover art by Gail Bennett.

Issue 3 was released in 1984. It features art work by Maggie Johnston, and Phred, and writing by Rie Meyer; issue 4, also published in 1984 features writing by Meyer, Barbara O' Quinn, and Linda Terrell; issue 5 also appeared in 1984.

Issue 6 was published in 1985, and includes contributions by Rie Sheridan and Susan M. Garrett; issue 7 appeared the same year.

Issue 8 was published in 1985, and features cover art work by Barbara Caldwell, and interior art by Anne Davenport, Maggie Johnston, Kathalee Holmans, and Ian Stacey. Written contributions come from Susan M. Garrett, Maggie Johnston, Abigail Martin, D. Leanne Matthews, Elizabeth Rice, Steve Roman, Teresa Sarick, Rie Sheridan, Ian Stacey, Jill Stone, and Jerry Wolf.

Issue 9 appeared in 1986. Cover art is by Ian Stacey, and interior art work is contributed by Tom Behnke, Anne Davenport, Lisa Jenkins (back cover), Maggie Johnson, Rie Sheridan, and Ian Stacey. Written contributions are by Lauren Beach, Anne Davenport, Bill Egan, Jan Grokett, Joan Hoffman, Lisa Jenkins, Autumn Lee, Linda Levitan, Ron Norton, Sue Ann Sarick, Laurie Shanahan, Rie Sheridan, Jill Stone, and Jerry W. Wolf.