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Freddy Zibutisis a transgender zinester from Auckland, New Zealand. They began publishing art in 2010, and picked up creating Zines around 2015. They write various slice of life and poetry zines and publish them at Zwijgen Zines, of which they also run.

Freddy goes by the usernames zwijgen and blackcatliquorice for their artwork & printings


  • [Juniper] - A unique take to zines, an adventure zine about a witch
  • [Dahlia] - A zine about two lesbian cats
  • [Too Much] - Poetry zine about pressures of life
  • [What Makes You Happy] - Zine depicting things that make various people happy
  • [The Old & The New] - Pictures from the 80s vs pictures from 2014 onwd.
  • [Help] - Produced by Blackcatliquorice, A Zine by a friend of Freddy's

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