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Flatter! The Journal of Oblate Puffery was a zine published from 1993 through 1997 by Jaina A. Davis in California, USA. The subject matter and format were part parody, part fanzine, and part perzine, with general themes of humor, feminism, LGBTQ, sexuality, absurdism, and surrealism. The layout was an ecclectic mix of cut-and-paste and Quark Express with contributions by a wide array of artists, writers, cartoonists and other zinesters who were friends and pen-pals of the editrix.


  • #1 (1993): "Premier Issue" Interview with Lisa Carver (Rollerderby), art by Dame Darcy, Kate Fenker, Christine Shields. "Dear California" drag queen advice column by Jason Mecier, "Suntan Darcelle" drag queen recipes by D'Arcy Drollinger, and the introduction of "NOT ALLOWED."
  • #2 (1993): "Community Chest Issue" Christine Shields cover and interview, Kate Fenker centerfold as Farrah, "Dear California"
  • #3 (1993): "The Cult Issue" Lisa Carver interview about "Star Trek." Kate Fenker centerfold as Bardot, letters from a Moonie, "I Wouldn't Listen To That If It Were The Last Disc On Earth!" and art by Christine Shields, John Porcellino (King-Cat Comics and Stories), and Dan Clowes
  • #4 (1994): "A Parade of Clowns Issue" Photos by Mari Kono. New Orleans adventures. Comics and art by Bwana Spoons, Elizabeth Watasin], Christine Shields, John Porcellino, and Rigo 23. Features include "The Hunks of 3 Day Stubble," "Scary Clowns" by Spankee Lovewe, "Dear California," and Kate Fenker centerfold as Eve.
  • #5 (1994):"Cakes and Spankings Issue" Full-color cover photos and collages by Mari Kono. Comics by Leyna Papach and Christine Shields. Interview with Man…or Astroman?, Little Debbie snack cake reviews. Coloring book pull-out with art by Sarah Dyer (Action Girl Guide), Bwana Spoons, Christine Shields, Robert Dayton, John Carbonaro, Harvey Bennet Stafford, and Rigo 23. Celebrities wearing the editrix's tiara. "Win-A-Date with the Executrix" contest. Cakes and spanking fumetti with photos by Alicia J. Rose. Fetish essay by Spankee Lovewe.
  • #6 (1995): "Japanese/Jewish Issue" Cover photos and collages by Mari Kono. Article about Japanese noise band; The Boredoms. Comics and art by Leyna Papach, Christine Shields, Andy of London, Bwana Spoons, John Carbonaro, Robert Dayton. "Jews On Prozac," by Phil Milstein (What Goes On). "Win-a-Date" fumetti with photos by Annie Rearick. Spankee Lovewe spanking centerfold, celebrities in tiaras, and a stickers insert.
  • #7 (1996): "Banks and Post Offices Issue" Christine Shields cover. Sean Tejaratchi (Craphound) endpages. Comics and art by P. Shaw, Elizabeth Watasin, Tim Hensley, Bwana Spoons, Robert Dayton, Art Biggs, and Leyna Papach. "Office Supply Lust" by Phil Milstein and a fumetti by Kimmie Jordan and Mari Kono.
  • #8 (1996): "Wolves and Grandmas Issue" Cover by Christine Shields, comics by Paul Musso, Robert Dayton. Lycanthropy essay by Spankee Lovewe.
  • #9 (1997): "Chickens and Barrymores Issue" Guest co-editrix, Mary Burt. Jason Mecier food-mosaic cover and "Dear California" advice column. History of the Barrymore family by Randie Flame. Drag queen Micheal G. Paige centerfold by Mari Kono. Comics and art by [Sam Henderson, Christine Shields, Wayno, Bwana Spoons, Robert Dayton, Charles Schneider, Lara Allen, Tim Hensley. Celebrities in tiaras. "Tiny Tim Remembered," by David Greenberger (Duplex Planet).