Dump Your Punk Rock Boyfriend

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Dump Your Punk Rock Boyfriend was a zine by Ryan O'Shea and Joel Rossi.

The first issue of Dump Your Punk Rock Boyfriend was published in 1995 in Eugene, Oregon as well as St. Augustine, Florida. It originally produced a new issue every 6 months, then later was published whenever the two felt there was story to tell until co-editor and writer Joel (Jolt) Rossi died in 1999. Dump Your Punk Rock Boyfriend covered very little of the local music scenes, but instead focused more on absurd true stories and ex girlfriends from O'Shea and Rossi. The zine also featured guest writers, such John Jughead Peirson of Screeching Weasel, Chris Barrows of Pink Lincolns and Jason Irritation of NotaPartofIt who did almost the entire special comic issue. The final issue, came in 1999 and was a collection of issues 1-4, with some of O'Shea's Jersey Beat columns and the final piece by Rossi. These zines are all long out of print.

Dump Your Punk Rock Boyfriend 2003-2018. In 2003 the zine made a small re-appearance with the issue of a compilation CD-also out of print. The zine, began to be issued again in limited numbers in 2004 and has been issued off and on ever since. The 2004 issue focusing around a main theme that has been the basis for it since.