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Dog Eat Robot is an independent Psychobilly and (Neo-)Rockabilly fanzine from Italy.

This Zine is focusing on all kinds of Psychobilly and (Neo-)Rockabilly related stuff with album reviews, gig reviews and interviews with bands, gig organizers, record labels, and more. Dog Eat Robot is created by Mauri and Toni from Italy, with contributiuons by guests from around the world. The first issue was released in December 2011 and was written in part english - part italian; issue 4 was released in two versions (english & italian); since issue 5 it is written entirely in english.


  • Creators: Mauri SixSickSix, Toni Pambianco
  • Publishers: Mauri SixSickSix, Toni Pambianco
  • Editors: Mauri SixSickSix, Toni Pambianco
  • Graphic & Design: Stefano De Candia
  • Contributors: Craig Brackenridge, Teo Demkiv, Marina "MissEvil", Marco "Mr. Claitus" Saccani, Adam, Grobi (The Minestompers)


No. Date Cover Artist Content
1 December 2011 Alan Wilson (The Sharks, Western Star Recording Company), Legendary Kid Combo, Death Valley Surfers Tour Diary, Psychomania Rumble 2011
2 April 2012 Nekromantix, Sir Psyko and his Monsters, The Bone Machine, 6th Big Rumble Halloween Party, Rockin' Oldies
3 November 2012 Adels, Paul Roman (The Quakes), Alan Wilson and Hodge (The Sharks), The Frogs, The Devil Wrays, The Moonshine Stalkers, Satanic Stomp, Kustom Weekend
4 March 2013 The O'Prez (front), Armando Autieri (back) Clint A. Bradley (The Blue Cats), Mark 'MadDog" Cole (Ex The Krewmen), Anders Janes (The Stargazers), Gary Griswald (The Griswalds), Roy Williams (Nervous Records), 3rd Psychobilly Earthquake
5 August 2013 Oscar Hertin Pip Hancox (Guana Batz & Hancox), Bang Bang Bazooka, Tobe (Bedlam Breakout Psychobilly Festival), Doyley (Guitar Slingers, Diablo Records, Camden-Arch Shop, the Zorchmen), Andy from R'n'R Kamikazes
6 January 2014 Geo Parkin Mark Carew (The Long Tall Texans), Skitzo, Sgt. Bilko's Krazy Combo, The Quaranteds, 16th Bedlam Breakout
7 July 2014 Andy Poluektov The Ricochets, Stressor, Gutter Demons, The Retarded Rats, Degenerated, Evil Devil, The Frantic Vermin, 4th Pompey Rumble
8 January 2015 Paskal Millet Mark Harman (Restless), Epileptic Hillbillys, Boston Rats, Howlin' Lou and his Whip Lovers, Norm & the Nightmarez, Paris Psychobilly Stomp
9 May 2015 Vince Ray The Sharks, MadDogCole, Astro Zombies, The Diggerz, Vince Ray, Spike Neil (The Rapids, Thunderbirdhead)
10 November 2015 Gilles Deschamps Batmobile, The Space Cadets, Reviews, Minestompers, The Testpilots, The Zipheads
11 March 2016 Olafh Ace Damage done by worms, Smell of Kat, The Psyclocks, Stompin' Mad Bats, Clockwork Psycho, Ant (The Intolerants), The Bullet Biters,
12 August 2016 xxx Steve Whitehouse (Frenzy), The Nevrotix, Boppin' Kids, The Moonshine Stalkers, The Space Wasters, The Spastiks
13 January 2017 Eugenio Magno The Highliners, The Magnetix, The Kings of Outer Space, Album Reviews, D.E.R. Games, The Jack O' Bones, The Teenage Zombies
14 May 2017 Sol Rac Hillbilly Moon Explosion, The Numbskulls, Guana Batz/The Pitmen live report, The Lucky Devils, The Howling Wolfmen, The Bastard Sons of Cavan
15 September 2017 The O'Prez King Kurt, The Caravans, Stage Frite, The Wurst Tour 2017, The Rusty Robots, Screamers and Sinners, Kings of Hong Kong
16 January 2018 Marina Kimberly Zheleznova (Drop of Poison) Spellbound, Milwaukee Wildmen, The Test Pilots, Adios Pantalones, The Lab Ratz, The Scarecrows AKA, Psychofarmaka
17 June 2018 Paul Van Horn Guana Batz, The Nevrotix, Western Star Records, The Surfin' Wombatz, Henry and the Bleeders, Evil Daltons, The Trillionairs
18 November 2018 Hell Mariachi Torment, The Pharaos, As, Diabatz, The Beat Devils, The Gruffs, The Radarmen, The Graveyard Bashers

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