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Demon Love was a Psychobilly fanzine from Germany.

The Zine was published by Guido Neumann (owner of Crazy Love Records) and Sven "Lolli" Vogler. With issue 4 the Zine came with a 7" EP, continuing the Black Lagoon EP series started with the Black Lagoon Zine.


  • Creators: Guido Neumann, Sven "Lolli" Vogler
  • Contributors: Carsten Bieler


No. Date Content
1 January 1991
4 August 1992
5 1993
6 April 1994
7 October 1994
8 July 1995 Legendary Hellcats, Cramps, Mad Heads, El Vez, Godless Wicked Creeps, Trashwomen, Hot Riffs, Atomic Spuds, Fireworks, 68 Comeback, Jeffre Lee Pierce, Teengenerate, TennesseeBoys, Texabilly Rocker, Young Hellions, Roadrunners

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