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Data Extract
Issue 226 Summer 2015

Data Extract is a media science fiction fanzine published by the Doctor Who Fanclub of Australia.

Published in New South Wales, Data Extract first appeared in November 1980 as a newsletter. The first editor was Dallas Jones. In the 1990s, Kate Orman took over editorship. In January 1996, Neil Hogan became editor. In 1997, Dallas Jones returned as editor, and Data Extract became a fanzine. Later editors in the 2000s include Craig Land.

Contributors of writing has included Henric K Bland, Jamie Boyd, Jeremy Cartner, Tony Cooke, Paul Cornell, Tim Darby, Lauren Davis, Gary Gillatt, Antony Howe, Dallas Jones, Matt Jones, Darran Jordan, Rob Lloyd, Lance Parkin, Gareth Roberts (Cottage Under Siege), Joel Rose, Robert Smith?, and George Stamatiadis, among others.

Contributors of fiction has included Tom Denham, Darran Jordan, Dom Kelly, Craig Land, Emily Rogers, and Ashley J. Tuchin, among others.

Contributors of illustration has included Dave Blewer, Manuel Bouw, and Sandi Stockwell, among others.

Included are interviews with Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Dave Gibbons, Gary Russell, Robert Smith?, and Alexandra Tynan, among others.

Contributors of sequential graphic stories include Manuel Bouw.

David J. Richardson, in his column for Sonic Screwdriver #90, from May 1995, writes, "Data Extract has long been THE Australian newsletter as far as Who goes. It started back in November 1980 as one double-sided sheet of paper, with the main headline being "Tom Baker Quits!". The latest issue is now 16 pages of news and reviews. It is very column-oriented, and is famous for "Think Tank", its letter of comment area. Anyone who knows me will know I’m no fan of reviews, and fully half of DE is just that. A tad dry, but with a good Just War preview courtesy of Lance Parkin. The editor being who she is, there is often New and Missing Adventure details not found elsewhere (well, until they get copied!)."

Data Extract won the Double Gamma Award for Best Fanzine in 1985, 1987, and 1990.

As of Summer of 2017, Data Extract is up to issue 237.

Neil Hogan also released the tape zine Doctor Who 2000.

In the 1990s, Kate Orman began writing Doctor Who New Adventures novels for Virgin.

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