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Cutie Pie was a zine by Amy Antonissen.

Published in Wisconsin, U.S.A. in the 1990s, Cutie Pie was a Riot Grrrl zine.

The Columbia University online catalog describes Cutie Pie; "This zine, written by high school student Amy Antonissen and heavily influenced by her best friend Amanda Mullins of Paralyzed, features articles about riot grrrl, fat acceptance, classic movies, teenage isolation, and zine and music reviews. Also featured are interviews with the bands The Third Sex and Tullycraft as well as a series of short articles from other zinesters of the era, including Starache’s Amy Lou Funaro."

Amy was featured answering the question "Why do you do a zine?" in issue 12 of the zine There's no such thing as a good faerie by Gretchen Lowther.

Amy is quoted from issue 2 of Cutie Pie in the book, Writing a Riot: Riot Grrrl Zines and Feminist Rhetorics by Rebekah J. Buchanan.

Amy also published the title Inspiration Point.