Cottage Under Siege

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Cottage Under Siege is a media science fiction fanzine edited by Neil Corry and Gareth Roberts.

Published in London, England, Cottage Under Siege' is devoted to the television series Doctor Who. There were three issues, published in 1993 and 1994.

The book Fan Phenomena: Doctor Who, edited by Paul Booth, published by Intellect Book at the University of Chicago Press, 2013, credits Cottage Under Siege as "the first openly gay Who fanzine."

Contributors of writing include David Bailey, among others. Also included is an interview with actress Jacqueline Pearce, by John Ainsworth. Other notable articles include "The Steel Queen", on 'camp' characters in Doctor Who.

Several articles from Cottage Under Siege were published in the 1997 fanzine anthology Licence Denied: Rumblings from the Doctor Who Underground, edited by Paul Cornell, published by Virgin Books, which also included articles from fanzines such as Queen Bat, and TARDIS, among others.