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Cheer the Eff Up is a six-issue zine written by Jonas. It is part fiction & part perzine. I guess it's funny at times, but it's mostly about depression & anxiety & identity & washed up punks & cake. It's kind of emo. Hey, remember back when emo was a type of music & not an insult? Folks wearing flower print shirts from second hand stores, you know, & not in an ironic way? Boy do I miss those days. Remember Rainer Maria? What a good band. What the heck happened to them? I love Cap'n Jazz & Braid too. It's funny cause I hated them both in college. An old friend Nana used to play tapes of both bands in her car CONSTANTLY and I was always like "Nana, this SUCKS. They can't even sing. Change it!" Now, a billion years later, I listen to both bands all the time. Funny how things change. I'm not friends with Nana anymore either. That's sad. But I almost saw Braid a year or 2 ago, only something came up & I had to give away the ticket at the last minute, but I got my pal to get me a shirt--even though I kind of feel like a poser wearing it, cause despite being a fan, there's something weird & poser-ish about wearing a shirt bought at a show you weren't at. But screw it. I like Braid & I like my g-dang Braid shirt. I don't care. I mean, I like Bach too, if there were Bach shirts out there & I bought one, no one's going to be all, "You are living a baroque lie. Naw, dog, you didn't see Bach, you didn't even see him live, tearing it up on the harpsichord. DEATH TO FAKE METAL!!!" Maybe it would be great if someone did say that. I wonder if Amazon sells Bach shirts.

These zines have absolutely nothing to do with any of that.

Available Issues

  • Cheer the Eff Up #1
  • Cheer the Eff Up #2
  • Cheer the Eff Up #3
  • Cheer the Eff Up #4
  • Cheer the Eff Up #5
  • Cheer the Eff Up #6
  • Two Stories Without Zombies (aka Cheer the Eff Up #1/2)