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Bombinate Zine is based in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Several issues of the zine are produced each year. It is aimed at people who want to get their writing out there.

Every issue has theme, but contributions need only be very vaguely related to this! For the most part, quality is chosen over relevance.

All profits go straight back into the zine so production value can be improved.


  • Issue 1: Bees! This issue is a happy mix of jokes from Cat Beal, prose from Fionn O’Shea and Niall McKenna, poetry from Rosa Jones, Jo Burns and Conor Cleary (among others!) and some stunning illustrations from the wonderful Mot Collins.
  • Issue 2: Vines! This issue features some great prose from Kate Kiernan, poetry from Conor Cleary, Saul Philbin Bowman and Julie Anne Gilligan (among others!) and some silly little doodles too.
  • Issue 3: Recipes! Bombinate’s first ever professionally-printed issue! This issue features poetry, prose, non-fiction, illustration and even a few recipes. Contributors include Adam Smyth, Áine O'Hara, Amy Slack, Bonnie Staines, Christopher Joyce, Dane Holt, Dearbháil Clarke, Finn McLysaght, Fionn O'Shea, Francis Hesketh, Kate Flood, Noah Galli, Ruth Atkins and Toby Buckley. Cover art by Dearbháil Clarke. Reach her at @dejaysus on Twitter and Instagram or at

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