Blood Becomes Water

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Blood Becomes Water collective, abbreviated as BBW, emerged in 2010 in Sofia/Bulgaria as a result of the meeting between Raya Rayax and Rosie Eisor with an initial aim to produce and collect limited self-published editions.

They’ve quickly expanded a network among Eastern European and international creatives to collaborate on the development of various thought-provoking visuals, later combined in their main publication project. In that way, the collective not only presents their own work among its favourite artists, but succeeds to generate new work based on their concept ideas. That’s how Belgian illustrator Robin Renard joins the team in 2014, after several successful collaborations.

The graphic vocabulary emphases on visual-centred print projects, but significant areas also include text-based experimentation, music and apparel.

Blood Becomes Water creative approach is characterised by fun and imperfect but bold and easy to remember drawings and designs, often including optic effects or patterns. Frequently addressed themes in their works may vary from visual errors, tattoos, symbols, death & cruelty, hope & failure, future & past, human and animal to simple non sense suggesting the interpretation of the viewer.

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