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The 'Bat o’ Fury' began life as a poster tube with “bat o’ fury” written on it. This was then employed by the magazine founders to hit a rolled up ball of paper with “ball of rage” written on it. This was of course all done in an office during work hours of profound tedium and frustration. The symbolism of these actions was not lost on the amateur sportsmen and professional skivers, and from this dispiriting situation did the zine incarnation of the Bat o’ Fury flourish.

The BoF, as it is fondly known, brings you regular swings at the ball of rage in the form of essays, artwork, political and social comment and lists of amusing surnames. Regular features include Not Interviewed as the BoF rates how well they have been turned down by the rich and famous, and What is it good for? where the spirit of Edwin Starr lives on in judgement over such crimes against humanity as team work and the tea break. ReelRage critiques classics of angry cinema and the RageDaq charts the movers and shakers on the global rage markets.

Ranging across diverse topics the quarterly ezine is here to BoF anything that annoys, frustrates and hinders the peaceful, honest and happy life.

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