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Issue 1 December 1974
Cover art by Virgil Finlay

Ark is a science fiction fanzine by Ron Clarke and Susan Smith-Clarke.

Ron Clarke had been publishing The Mentor since 1965. In 1973, The Mentor issue 23 was a split zine with Susan Smith-Clarke's fanzine Girl’s Own Fanzine. Ark was the couple's attempt to merge the two zines and publish together.

The first issue of Ark, published in December 1974 in New South Wales, Australia, featured cover art work by Virgil Finlay. It was 46 pages.

The second issue was also released in 1974, and was 40 pages. Darrol Pardoe, in his Checkpoint #50 review from June 28, 1974, said of this issue, "Vol Molesworth has a good bit on Australian fan history, vintage 1941. There's not enough timebinding in fandom these days."

Darroll Pardoe was referring to the article "Outline History of Australian Fandom" by Vol Molesworth.

Ron Clarke also co-published Wombat with Shayne McCormick in the 1970s. In the 1990s, he co-published the horror zine Cold Cuts with Antoinette Rydyr and Don Boyd.

Susan Smith-Clarke's later fanzines include Forerunner Quarterly, and the media science fiction fanzines Beyond Antares (1977-1986), the official fanzine of the Star Trek club Astrex, and Chronicles (1984-), a Blake's 7 fanzine. In 1982 she began editing Medtrek for Medtrek SF Media Convention.