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Architical was produced by Sarah Lyons from Melbourne, Australia.

Architical is a research based and inspired zine motivated by design theory and criticism that emerged as a product of the Radical design movement of the mid 20th century. Such studios and individuals who revelled under the banner of this movement include Superstudio, Archigram, Archizoom and Studiodada. The birth of Architical was initiated by a supreme fascination for the subject: The notion that ‘architectural practice could be conceptual and theoretical, concerned with cultural criticism rather than the production of buildings’. What motivated its production was my interest in the world of zines. What separates zines from other forms of publications is fandom; the format dictated by pure enthusiasm for a subject and a contraposition to professional magazines. As Elias Redstone of Archizines requoted, “Make your own culture and stop consuming that which is made for you.”

Architical is not a critique of propositions in its content, but rather a platform on which to consider the role of hypothetical design in the built world in regards to both social and structural contexts. The objective is to simply compile a selection of studios and individuals who produced work with a fictional but, nevertheless earnest, narrative. In evaluating the ideals, discussions, debates and views of these varying practitioners I offer a surface of consideration. Sarah Lyons.