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Alexis Stewart

Alexis Stewart is a jack of all trades (but mostly a filmmaker and zinester) from Huntington, WV. Stewart works as a freelance cameraman for local public and cable access television.

Stewart was introduced to zine culture by an email list for the author Francesca Lia Block. She created her first zine Small Town Loser in high school to promote her town's punk scene. Today her writing has a heavier emphasis toward the literary and political spectrum, which she demonstrates as the editor of The Rhododendron Reader. She continues to create one-shot zines as well and has also contributed to Beejeezus.

In early 2007, Stewart began contributing to Fall of Autumn as a regular columnist.

Stewart's main goal as a zinester and filmmaker is to promote the culture of Appalachia. She uses her zines as a means to defy the mainstream stereotypes of Appalachians and West Virginians.



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